sigbovik: The Hashes of SIGBOVIK Proceedings

These are the sha256sums of the SIGBOVIK proceedings from 2007-2019, as retrieved from on April 7, 2019. The 2008 proceedings were missing owing to a temporal discontinuity, so I included a sha256sum of an empty file in its place.

Though the list is presented in temporal order, your solution may output the list in any order.

Download the wordlist.


10585bovinerHasegawa Sayuri
11592bovineHasegawa Sayuri
12637henryHasegawa Sayuri

Submit A New Program

You may submit your program to the leaderboard for sigbovik by using the form below. Programs must be shorter than the default solution (in this case, 873 bytes). Program names should pass /[A-Za-z0-9_.-]{1,20}/.test() in order to facilitate compact URLs. (Note, also, that programs don't have access to their own names in the testing environment, so stop scheming.)

Submitted files are not made available for download, so please include a URL (e.g., for a git repository) if you would like to share the source of your program.

Programs are tested in batches; generally daily. You will be sent to a URL upon submitting your program that will allow you to check testing progress. Hang on to this URL! Only tested, correct programs will appear on the leaderboard.

Correctness: Programs should output (via console.log) each word in the target wordlist, on a line by itself, exactly once. However, these words may be output in any order or capitalization. The program should require no more than two gigabytes of memory and 100 seconds of runtime.

Please check your code before submitting it. The testing code is available, as is an easier-to-use simple tester.